Resolving Common Problems

These are some simple steps you can take to resolve common problems logging into or using AssetEye.

Clear the Browser Cache

Occassionally it may be necessary to clear your browser's cache, particularly after the AssetEye system has been upgraded.  This step removes old files so that new software can be automatically installed.

For Internet Explorer users, follow these steps:

  1. Hold Ctrl and Shift, then click Delete.  (Alternately, select Tools, Internet options from the browser's menu, then click the Delete... button on the General tab.)

  2. Check Temporary Internet files.
  3. Click Delete.

Note: If the AssetEye web site is one of your browser favorites (or if you're not sure), please uncheck the "Preserve Favorites website data" option.

Chrome users, you can find instructions for clearing your browser cache here.

For other supported browsers (such as Safari), please consult your browser's instructions for clearing the browser cache.

While these steps should resolve most issues, you may also need to close and restart the browser.

Turn off the Pop-up Blocker

Be sure your browser's popup blocker feature is disabled when using AssetEye. On Internet Explorer, you can disable the pop-up blocker altogether, or for a specific website (recommended) by following these steps:

  1. Select Tools, Pop-Up Blocker, Pop-Up Blocker Settings from the browser's menu.

  2. Enter the URL you use to access the AssetEye website.
  3. Click Add, then click Close.

Adjust Bookmarks or Favorites

You may have saved a browser "favorite" or "bookmark" to access AssetEye more quickly. Occasionally, clicking the bookmark may lead to something other that the expected AssetEye login page.

To troubleshoot, first be sure you can access AssetEye using the website URL provided by your administrator, such as:

There should not be any characters after ".net" (or ".com", etc.). If you are able to login successfully using the website URL, you may need to edit the bookmark to remove characters after the basic website URL:

  1. Right click the favorite, either on the Favorites menu or on the Favorites toolbar, then choose Properties from the menu.

  2. In the URL box, be sure that only the basic URL is displayed (edit as needed).
  3. Click OK.


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